Sunday, August 12, 2007

The racoon wolf

The common villain.


Vi-Dieu Nguyen said...


Leo Matsuda said...

Amazing work, Mario!!! Some kick asses designs!!!
I'm adding you, ok?

magnus said...

He's great! I think you should name him Fubar. Dude don't forget to link me to your blog. Again, I love your work man, I got some Miranda gold from the trash!! ha ha

Oh and I was going through my photos, I think in almost all of my photos you look like you want to kill me. I thought that was funny.

Cheers man!


PS Yhanks for all the notes on my story, I'm going to try to take it to that next level. I kinda got sick, so after I feel better, and my mother goes back home. I'll try to re-board the story.

lindsey olivares said...

i want to print it out poster size and put it in my living room.

Nancy said...

yay Mario has a blog!

mario miranda said...

Vi - Thanks for the crash course on the world of "Blogger".

Leo - Thanks man.

Magnus - Hey man, when you get to the next level, take me with you. You will be as great as you want to be.

Lindsey - It's odd, I think he was the first to go when I was pitching the wolves. I guess he was not "Disney" enough.

Nancy - Thanks for the encouragement to join the technology boom. It is not as bad as I thought it would be.


ZaR said...

Mario, you should post up your recent work, honestly!

lindsey olivares said...

yeah, post more..i know you've logged in recently.

Grudo said...

Hey Mario! Your designs hurt my ass, really! just keep the way but not so hard ok ? I'm adding you too guy.

And for the characters in my picture, they're waiting for a train....

I'm happy too see that everyone is fine here !

Cheers dear friend !

Anonymous said...


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